arts and actions

This group is a key part of what XR is – the performances, the colour, the ingenuity are all designed to spread the message and get more and more people involved with XR. In H&F we have had some fantastic achievements in the last year:

  • A mass cycle ride to Hammersmith Town Hall to demand the council declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency
  • An anti fast fashion event in Lyric Square in September, highlighting the environmental problems involved with fast fashion using 9 bathtubs (the amount of water needed to fill them is what is required to make 1 T-shirt)
  • Taking place in the march on 25th October 2019 across London – dressed in funeral clothes, pulling one of the bath tubs
  • The protests at McKinsey using a 2.5m high wooden Elephant to highlight ‘The Elephant in the Room’ of the denial of the Climate Emergency
  • Being a regular part of fossil free science museum
  • Being a regular part of ongoing protests at Standard Chartered Bank
  • Taking part in the April Rebellion this year
  • Supporting various activities at McKinsey and Barclays, the Science Museum, Shell ..... sadly there's always plenty to do

If you are creative or want to help out with one of the actions by being there, let us know and get involved. 

​If you'd like to join the Arts and Action WhatsApp group?

Each Working Group is managed separately and able to follow its own direction as long as it follows the XR Principles. Each Working group is coordinated by two or more facilitators - if you would like to be involved or to help organise, or just learn more about what one of the groups does please let us know.