We want to educate people and organisations about the climate and ecological crisis and what we can do about it. We want to make this a normal, everyday topic for people to discuss.

The outreach group is focusing on three broad areas of outreach in the borough:

  1. Weekend focussed outreach at local events/markets in 2022 as the borough returns to a life after lockdown
  2. Heading for Extinction (H4E) talks in different settings to different audiences
  3. 1:1 outreach to CEO/directors of local organisations to engage their membership.

‚ÄčThe Outreach team also runs Rebel Ringers - a system of phoning new members and sets up buddies under an organised buddy system.

Each Working Group is managed separately and able to follow it's own direction as long as it follows the XR Principles. Each Working group is coordinated by two or more facilitators - if you would like to be involved or to help organise, or just learn more about what one of the groups does please let us know.