The choices you make with your money can be one of the most powerful things you have at your disposal. Whether you are buying fewer things, buying products that are produced in sustainable ways or are spending your money with organisations who are trying to help the Earth (rather than support the fossil fuel industry for example) the choices you make can have significant impacts. An article from the BBC discusses the effects of changing your smartphone less often, using cloud servers and watching in Standard definition on your phone (not in HD or 4G). Act Now - you can make a real difference.

The Ethical Good shopping guide is an ethical comparison site where you can look up products and services and see how well they do compared to others.

They say “In the current economic context, we all must spend money and purchase basic goods. But by supporting the “redirection of the flow of capital” to ethically rated businesses which do not lobby against progressive climate or social-economic policies, which do not partake in deforestation or human rights abuses, and which do not support “profit over human and environmental flourishing”, we can assist in the transition to a more just social world.” Link here

Moving your bank account or energy supplier is one of the simplest changes you can make. Some banks are major supporters of the fossil fuel industries, switching to a more ethical bank is very simple. Also, switching a pension to an ethical provider or an ethical fund is pretty straightforward.  Have a look at this link to find out how banks and energy suppliers compare. 

This is an app that allows you to update your carbon footprint and see how you're doing ..... It's the official tool for individuals to take action in the Race to Zero in the run up to COP26. It is highly recommended ... "the app is excellent - detailed, tailored, user-friendly and fun, great for sharing with friends and family at any stage of the journey to sustainability and there is a pro version too for companies 💚"

You can also  scan product barcodes (or manually search) for items, and it shows you a range of badges indicating how the product rates. It will also suggest better alternatives. Check it out.