Rebellions aren’t easy –

​It feels like XR is in a difficult time. It’s not a feeling that’s easy to pin down, but this writer hears it in local groups, in UK Support teams, and from interested friends: a sense that we might have lost momentum, or direction, or some other intangible thing.

Not everyone might share this feeling; and plenty of rebels will understandably be focussed on the pandemic, and the challenging and tragic consequences it has brought. But for those still thinking of XR, this writer would like to try and help illuminate our general situation.

​Key goals in the 2022 UK XR Strategy:


  1. Grow the movement, mobilising a critical mass, aiming at 3.5%of the population in active support of mass civil resistance over a sustained period of time. Understanding the need for a spectrum of resistance, recognising the place XR holds in the movement landscape and ensuring we rise to the challenge.
  2. Support a minimum of 3000 Rebels risking arrest in the UK in April, and growing from there.
  3. Tell a new story about ourselves and the reasons for our work.Paying particular attention to the relationship we have with the public; creating genuine conversation alongside our actions.
  4. Demand the end of fossil fuels. Harm is being done NOW. Leveraging  the advantages of a more specific and shorter horizon objective.
  5. Support all rebels throughout the year including post-actions, facing courts and prison sentences.
  6. Building new routes to change: focussing on cultural influence and defections.

​This is a guiding light, rather than detailed instructions, for rebels and working groups across regional and national groups to employ their own knowledge, creativity and passion to deliver a diverse, regenerative, and decentralised rebellion.

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