Extinction Rebellion is a social movement, which uses non-violent civil disobedience and outreach to inspire systemic changes that will mitigate climate breakdown and biodiversity loss. 
We come together with a motivation to join our energies and take action to address this crisis. This is the only requirement for involvement. We are all different, we recognise our differences as strengths and we welcome every part of everyone here today. Although some of us here today might be members of political parties or groups, XR itself is not aligned to any political party.

About our Local Group/Community

  • We set up our group in early March 2019 – it’s one of hundreds of local groups that make up XR!
  • We meet every Tuesday evening and usually will have a big group meeting from approximately 8pm-9pm and then split into smaller, more focussed ‘Working Groups’ or ‘Project Groups’ for the remainder of the evening.
  • XR (and our local group) is not hierarchical – anyone can create, share and take forward ideas for actions/events or get involved in the running of the local group as much as they would like to!
  • We focus on local issues/events/outreach as well as planning and participating in national/international actions.
  •  We hope we form a friendly community of people who can support each other, hold space to talk about our fears for the future and work together to create meaningful change.
  • Many of us do engage in civil disobedience and targeted disruption, however, we are so much more than that!

WE WOULD LIKE TO HIGHLIGHT – everyone is an important and valued member of this group. Everyone’s contribution is meaningful. We would like to support you to get involved as much as you would like to/feel able to at this time. We also recognise and support people to take a step back from commitments if needed, as sometimes we have more in our life outside of XR that requires and deserves our focus.