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Extinction Rebellion Hammersmith & Fulham have joined together with the producers of this film – 2040 – to give you the opportunity to watch it for free. We think it is a really important comment on the future. We’ve heard the horror stories of what we could be facing if we don’t act now to reduce CO2 emissions and address the ecological crisis. So to be able to see a positive vision of what is actually possible right now, with technologies already available, is a wonderful thing.

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has already pledged to take urgent action to combat climate change by cutting CO2 emissions from the council’s activities to net zero by 2030, to know more please click HERE. The 2040 film can inspire us to turn this pledge into a reality.

You can watch the film 2040 for FREE for 50 hours,
from 8pm on Saturday 4th July to 10pm on Monday 6 July (which means you’ll need to start watching by 8pm).

You can sign up for this screening in advance – please follow the ‘PRE-REGISTER FOR FREE TICKET’ link below to save your ‘virtual’ seat for this film:

2040 SCREENING DISCUSSION ON ZOOM. Join us on Monday evening 6th of July at 7:30pm for a welcome and at 7:40pm we will take a look at the issues and opportunities raised in the film and see how we can apply any of these to our own situation in Hammersmith and Fulham.

Join the ZOOM discussion HERE!



We’ve only got a few years to make deep and meaningful change to address the climate and ecological crisis which will ultimately impact us, humanity. So lets think big, be creative and join forces to create change that will restore well-being for our people and planet.

  • Can our council adopt the doughnut economics model? 
  • How can we facilitate residents to live happier, healthier lives while staying within planetary ecological boundaries? 
  • How can our roads be transformed for a healthier environment and residents? 
  • How do we bring nature back into the borough? 
Climate App

The Climate App

A number of amazing people are working on launching a new app soon – the Climate App! Please leave your email address here to support this work and follow its progress: https://lnkd.in/e6FZ57X

This app aims to help people live more sustainably (think Strava, but for climate change actions). The app will let you and your friends build up a community where you can set goals and track your progress in (1) reducing C02 emissions (eg. reduction of meat, choosing plastic-free food, cycling instead of driving etc) and (2)  engaging in actions that help change happen (e.g. attending a protest, engaging with your MP). 

As discussed in the 2040 film – there are so many fantastic technologies available now which if invested in and scaled up could have profound benefits in future! Do you have any that you are excited about?