Anniversary of the Declaration

To mark the anniversary on 17th July of LBHF declaring a climate emergency and setting its intention of becoming London’s greenest borough, we are taking the chance to review as well as celebrate progress.

We want to invite local residents, councillors and MPs to imagine what Hammersmith Bridge, the most iconic landmark in our borough, would look like if it were kept open for cyclists and pedestrians only. We want to send a clear challenge to the council: are they willing to promote and invest in more radical green projects as they promised? Progress has been made by the H&F administration in just a few months, but more can be achieved and re-imagining the future of Hammersmith Bridge is the next step.

In asking to make the bridge for bikes and people, we want to promote active travel, reduce air pollution and save lives (25 Londoners still die every day of diseases related to poor air quality!), as well as creating a precious space for our community.

We are working on setting up the celebration for an anniversary the borough won’t forget!