Get involved

get involved

Whether you want to get involved, or want to find out more about XR have a look here. You can use the form to sign up to emails (and can easily unsubscribe whenever you want). Most of the day to day communication is done through WhatsApp – again, if you join a WhatsApp group you can leave whenever you want to. We don’t store any personal information once you unsubscribe from an email list or a WhatsApp group. 

If you want to get involved there are several ways:

1. Check out this website. We have been working hard to make it an excellent resource of information about our group, sub groups, photos, recommended reading and activities

2. Follow and interact with our social media: we share important messages on Twitter and Instagram

a.   H&F’s Instagram and Ellie Elephant’s Instagram 

b.  Twitter

3.  Join our XR H&F Book Club:  meet (currently via zoom) every 3/4 weeks on Thursday evenings. You don’t have to have read the whole (or even any) of the book to join the discussion. For more information CLICK HERE. You can also join their What’s App chat group HERE

4. Do some (socially distanced) growing: XRH&F Growers are cultivating plants during shutdown as their form of exercise. Everyone is welcome to join the XRH&F allotment in Dukes Meadows, or help planting the Elephant West Garden. Both spaces which have kindly been offered to us. To get involved join XRHF Growers on What’s app HERE

5. Join our ongoing action with McKinsey (aka Project Thunderstrike) and Barclays: The action group continues through the lockdown to engage in the long term campaign to wake up this leading Management Consulting firm to the Climate Emergency. They’re working on a number of innovative virtual approaches. Join the conversation in their What’s App group HERE.

6.  Contribute to planning our Imagine2030 festival: the team are continuing to build out plans and make contacts for this visioning festival we are planning looking ahead at H&F in 10 years time. Join the discussion HERE.

7.     Help retake the streets from the cars (Transport Working group): In our borough most cars are parked up but take up the vast amount of space, the council are policing runners and cyclists along the river and crossing the bridge but not freeing up more space for them, help us engage with the council to create a better, less car dominated borough, join the Transport Working group chat HERE.

8.     Join our weekly meetings: We meet virtually on Zoom on Tuesday nights at 8pm, you can join from a computer or smartphone using this link: or from a normal telephone by dialling 0203 051 2874, then when requested enter the meeting ID which is: 797 200 643#

9.     Join our ongoing XR H&F Discussion chat: HERE we discuss the climate and ecological emergency and share links to information, news and ideas relevant to our group. 

10. Join our XR H&F Announcements channel: HERE you receive updates on relevant events in XRH&F and across XR UK (no more than a couple of messages per day).