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Anyone and everyone who is interested in growing or gardening or re-wilding is welcome here. Whether you are a full-time grower or just interested in finding out more. We have worked on different projects in the last year – for example involvement with the wildlife area in Ravenscourt Park, planting trees in Turnham Green with Abundance London, and planting trees on an estate in Fulham. 

We are now working closely with the Elephant Gallery in White City and Hammersmith Community Gardens to create a small community garden next to the Gallery for the whole White City Community. It is where the Ostrich is …

The vegetable patch, 
our collective garden. 

To discover more about our vegetable patch project and to see how the amazing unfolding, please follow our Instagram


Dig for victory! We desperately need to localise our food production to help us deal with pandemics like the corona virus and to fight global warming.

As a country our food systems are deeply unsustainable, we import around 50% of the food we eat. Of what we grow in the UK the majority is through large scale mono cultures, which is not only harmful to biodiversity, but also a huge source of emissions as carbon is released from the soil into the air. 

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The communal garden 
by Elephant West.

To know more about the project, please go to our action the Ostrich Garden and follow us on Instagram to see the progress in the garden, or simply walk by… just lookout for the gigant Ostrich…