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The protests along the proposed routes continue and we do what we can to support the various groups. There are actions planned during the rebellion – but if you’d like to join the direct support group you’ll find much more information.

We have provided some financial support to local protest camps – people who are permanently living in and around the trees/areas that are due to be destroyed. We also have visited them to provide social support. 

We may support high speed rail in principle because it could improve Britain’s transport system, reduce road and air traffic and help cut carbon emissions. But HS2 does too much damage to local communities and to the environment – it will decimate important and rare ecological habitats and could threaten London’s water supply (the area to be developed around the Colne Valley is supplying 22% of London’s water and the works increase the threat of water pollution).

In addition, the costs are spiraling and it is becoming too pricey (with estimated costs rising above £100bn). The money involved in this project could be better spent improving public transport where it is patchy and inefficient (e.g. the north of the country) rather than a stretch of the country where we already have good rail links. 

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Photo credits to: Marina Ilaria