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After a break we are back at McKinsey. We started our visits again on the 5th August and will be carrying out our first big action on Friday 21st. McKinsey have been nominated for the “CHARRED EARTH’ awards and we will be presenting them with the award for failing to take action when they could have.

…with influence over governments and business, McKinsey should be driving the urgent and radical changes that science is calling for.  But they are not. Their Scope 3 emissions (business travel + others) are taking off while they claim carbon neutrality by funding off-set projects.  Greenwash! They write reports on adapting to the carbon crisis to capture more work from the polluting elite, rather than facing up to the urgent reality of preventing the worst of it.  

These events made Reuters, NY Times, Middle East and Asian news!

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McKinsey, this is what we have offered you…

McKinsey, you’d like to be reminded of some of the things we’ve left you over the last few months while we’ve been trying to engage with you on this issue:

McKinsey’s first step?


This April McKinsey published an outstanding article, Addressing climate change in a post-pandemic world. We are looking forward to seeing McKinsey ‘seize the moment to decarbonise’ as well as helping their clients to ‘take a systematic and through-the-cycle approach to building resilience’. Beautiful words must always be followed by equally progressive actions, and we will continue our work of pushing McKinsey to shift to a complete sustainable and climate neutral business.  

To read McKinsey’s article please click HERE

Photos from a few actions at the McKinsey office

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