Ostrich Garden

We have been looking after the garden during the lockdown and are now contributing to the final plans being produced by the Elephant Gallery. These will be shared with the council and then hopefully we can get on and create a community space for all to enjoy.

The Ostrich model is about 2m tall and has its head in the sand (symbolising that people,  governments and corporations are in denial about this crisis).

The Ostrich is based in the Community Garden in White City. We are developing a community garden space outside Elephant West (next to White City tube) to display the Ostrich, information about the climate and ecological crisis, as well as creating a green space for our local community.

If you want to follow the progress of the garden you can walk by and visit the Ostrich, or have a look at our Instagram page

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When the Ostrich is not stationed in the Community Garden at Elephant West, it is out doing its duty at an Extinction Rebellion action. It has been on actions in Westminster in the lead up to the General Election and in Weston-super-mare when it was part of a protest against the expansion of Bristol Airport.

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Ostrich action Jonny's photos 72ppi 1
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Photo credits to: Marina Ilaria and Jonny Blackmore