Political Engagement

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The focus of the Political Engagement Working Group has been to engage with the local council.

In July 2019 Hammersmith & Fulham Council declared a Climate and ecological Emergency and pledged to be Carbon Zero by 2030. They set up a resident. led Commission to advise them on how to get there.

Since December 2019, the LBHF Climate and Ecological Emergency Commission has brought together 12 residents from across the borough to support the council in it’s stated ambition to get to net zero carbon emissions and significantly enhance biodiversity by 2030.  Some members of the commission are also involved with XR.

Its objectives are:  

‘By articulating the amazing quality of life that could be achieved in a well-balanced community that would result from a zero carbon, ecologically rich society, we can build an exciting and positive vision for the future.  By defining a clean, fresh and healthy environment in which people look after each other and where success is measured by high levels of well-being, everyone will be encouraged to change their behaviour and help each other to work towards a prosperous future for all.’