what have we done since we started ?

XR in Hammersmith and Fulham is very active – and involved in all sorts of different activities. This will give you some idea of the range of different things you can be involved with – helping out at street stalls, going on marches, welcoming new people,  managing social media, giving talks and much much more besides! 

We also have a regular Tuesday evening meeting.


February:     Heading for Extinction talk

March:          XRHF starts, 

April:             APRIL REBELLION

May :             Stall at ‘May Madness’ Starch Green

June:             Heading for Extinction talk, Shepherds Bush

July:              Ride on the Town Hall and H&F Council declares a Climate Emergency

July:              Heading for Extinction talk Fulham

July:              XRHF Twitter launched

August:         XRHF Finance Group set up

August:         Friends of Wormwood Scrubbs walk / talk

September:  Heading for Extinction talk, Lyric Theatre

September:  Anti fast Fashion Event, Lyric Square

September:  Stall at Turnham Green Street Festival

October:       Demo at Brazillian Embassy London ‘Protect the Amazon’


November:   McKinsey Action starts

November:   Blackrock – Defend the Amazon Action

November:   Election Hustings, Hammersmith

November:   Election Hustings, Fulham

November:   Children’s Climate Strike March

November:   March with Ostrich around London Party HQs and visit Hunger Strikers

December:   HOPE – event at Our Lady of Fatima

December:   Street Staff – King Street

December:   Bikes against Bulldozers – cycle to Heathrow

December:   Swarming in Knightsbridge with XRK&C

December:   Street Stall, North End Road

December:   12 Days of Crisis: Flooding / Extreme Weather action


January:       HS2 Support – Weekend of Action and Discobedience

January:       Elephant Garden starts

January:       Demo at Australian Embassy for Nature against the Fires

January:       Talk from Dario Kenner on The Polluter Elite

January:       Lobby of Parliament against HS2

January:      Launch of COP26 protest at Natural History Museum

February:    Science Museum Die In : Toxic Air

February:   March in London: Air Pollution

March:        XRHF Allotment starts

March:        XRHF Book Club starts

March:        XRHF weekly meetings go online

March:        Heading for Extinction and activities at Our Lady of Fatima

April:           Website launched

May:            Build Back Better – pop up bike lanes action

June:           Small scale socially distant demos start – parliament square

July:             Hammersmith Bridge action

August:         Start back at McKinsey