XR Drummers west

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A recently established drumming practice group. Currently meeting in the bandstands by the river near Dukes Meadows in Chiswick. Follow our announcements group if you’d like to know more and the dates. 

As the rebellion approaches the drummers are needed more than ever. The energy a group of drummers can bring to an event is amazing.

No experience required, drop in when you are able. Also collecting people who like to sing, play bells and who can play brass instruments (e.g. trumpet, saxophone). The XR drummers are an exciting way to take part in actions and protests – they help attract attention, in addition to creating and maintaining our energy levels.

xr drummers McKinsey Jonathon 72ppi 1
McKinsey Marina Ilaria 72ppi
xr drummers McKinsey Jonathon 72ppi 2