What does being in XR involve?

what does getting involved mean_

Being involved in XR is simple. If you are concerned about the Climate and Ecological emergency, agree to the 3 demands and follow our principles and values, you are a member. There’s no formal membership, nothing to fill out and nothing to pay. XR is decentralised and as long as you follow those principles you can act.

you are always welcome to come to a meeting, you can find dates and locations here. If you would like to find out about more  XR  before coming to a meeting there are lots of resources online.

Watch a ‘Heading for Extinction’ talk – either online or (ideally) at a local event.

You can find out more about XR and the ‘climate and ecological crisis’ HERE.

Sign up to our WhatsApp announcements Group, or join our mailing list to stay up-to-date with meeting minutes and upcoming events. 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram  and Twitter. You can also follow Ellie Elephant (our 2m tall ‘Elephant-in-the-Room’) as she has her own Instagram

Learn some more!
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Extinction Rebellion [website]:
There is no Planet B [book] by Mike Berners-Lee: 
2040 ed
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2040 [film] directed by Damon Gameau

This is an Uprising [book] by Mark Engler and Paul Engler: 

Once you decide to join us and come to meetings, you can be involved in many different ways. People are as active and as involved as they are able to be – some of us are involved in Actions, some support those, some create content for leaflets and social media, some are actively involved with other organisations we work with – for example Hammersmith & Fulham Counci.

Take some time to think about what skills and interests you have and talk to us about how you may like to get involved. If you think you may like a little bit more support to understand how the group or XR works, to engage with upcoming actions or to decide how your skills, interests and availability can best contribute to the group – please speak to one of the coordinators in the meeting. We can then discuss the best way to support you (e.g a phone call/a meeting/a buddy).

Roles are always evolving, often in response to people’s skills and ideas. Potential roles we are asking for people to contribute to are:

  • Running a buddy scheme – someone to coordinate ‘buddies’ for new joiners
  • Managing mail list – adding new joiners as/when we get email addresses
  • Phone banking coordinator – calling to welcome people who join our group
  • Managing our Resources: create/ maintain a list of articles, books etc that have been shared.

These are all roles that can be shared. 

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