Who are we?

Extinction Rebellion is a worldwide movement addressing the Climate and Ecological Emergency. We have very clear aims and an agreed set of Principles and Values we operate by. At the moment (Feb 2020) there are 779 XR groups in 56 different countries with 1 message.

XR Hammersmith & Fulham is a local group of XR UK. We run independently although we share some resources and training with other groups. We take part in Actions – some national (for example the April and October 2019 Rebellions) and others local. We work closely with our local Council through their Resident led Commission on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

We meet every week and usually have around 50 people at the meetings. About half of the meeting is a general catchup or discussion, for the other part we break into smaller groups – Working Groups to address particular things or to plan particular actions. Most communication outside the meetings is done through WhatsApp – there is a General Discussion group and a separate group for Announcements, as well as other WhatsApp groups for the various Working Groups.

Extinction Rebellion UK has a number of other Groups which are not geographical and which some of our H&F people are also involved in. This is a long list but includes groups such as XR Scientists, XR Muslims, XR Teachers. 

We look forward seeing you at one of our meetings! 

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